Can AI end fake news?

It has become increasingly difficult to evaluate if the published content is authentic in these recent times.As everyone can now create and share content with the use of social media, which as a result has created a barrage of fake stories and many media companies promoting these stories in order to increase their readership.

Artificial Intelligence can be used to combat fake news by incorporating sophisticated tools which make fake news detection easier.

However, there have also been reports of how AI is used to create fake news and product reviews. has recently published an article about how a group of University of Chicago researchers developed AI-based methods to generate fake yelp reviews but when they tested these reviews, they found that Yelp’s filtering software which relies on machine-learning algorithms had difficulty detecting the fake reviews. The human respondents also had difficulty spotting the AI-generated versions.Hence the researchers fear that as AI matures it may be used to create an automated misinformation technology which can produce convincing fake stories consistently until AI can be used for the reversal.

On a positive note an article on another website called states how the use of AI and big data can be used to detect patterns or words which can indicate a fake news story early on. Although this can only be attained if more sophisticated tools are created by harnessing the power of AI and machine learning.

Tech Giants like Facebook,Google and Amazon have already implemented AI algorithms for their websites and applications, but not very diligently and thus the question of AI ending fake news still remains unanswered.

In December 2016, a project called Fake News Challenge was launched by a group of tech industry insiders,journalists and academicians.Their objective is to make participants build fake news detecting AI algorithms in the open and make tracking and detecting fake news faster and less manual.

Late last year in an interview with MSNBC, Jay Rosen who is a professor of journalism at New York University stated that he believes the AI algorithmic use can only be helpful for controlling fake news to a certain extent and it ultimately depends on humans and not machines to put an end to it.

Meanwhile, fact checking websites like Snopes, Hoaxy and CrossCheck amongst others can be used to debunk fake news items.


Ritika Shah