Nylon China, a new voice of the young

With the declination of the printing industry, most magazines are struggling with reality, fewer and fewer readers choose traditional media, for example, Chinese Condé Nast Publications announced that they decided to closure the <SELF> including magazine, website, and app which has been selling more than ten years in China. This reflects the survival crisis of traditional fashion media. Nowadays, after the reconstruct of the publishing industry, the luxury brand advertising budget has shifted more to the new media.


Specifically, American vision of Nylon magazine will no longer publish a print edition, the fashion publication’s October print issue will be its last, and Nylon will be digital-only moving forward. And they will apparently place an emphasis on reaching young women through video, an influencer program, and its internal creative agency.


But the Chinese version of Nylon is a special case. It formally started on September 20, the online sales of thirty thousand copies had been sold out during the day’s sale. This kind of Chinese phenomenon deserves attention.


What’s the reason that Nylon’s first show sucks everyone’s eye? The first point is its market positioning, magazine market in China, always lack young fashion magazines without mature systematize classification all the year, teen Vogue also failed to list there. According to the China Youth Reading Index, young people are constantly taking more attention to fashion and art. They are pursuing the trend of minimalism, fashion and intelligence, and the concept of lifestyle. The Chinese version of Nylon catch the opportunity, focus on popular culture, accurate analysis of the public demand. By using the media including magazines, app, website, electric business platform, video, social media, offline activities, and other media as the carrier, Nylon offers a unique one of a kind of social scene and reading resources systematically for youth. Secondly, the magazine itself is attractive. Nylon magazine, although it is not released in China until 2017, it has always been popular among Chinese readers, and always be Shared on social media. Third, for marketing Strategy, Nylon register a new account in Weibo, the largest social media in China, seeking Chinese celebrities to retweet, comment in order to create market hotspots. Besides, the cover character chosen for the first issue of the magazine is China’s idol group member, Yiyang qianxi, who has a strong appeal, and his fans’ purchasing power is staggering. There are always good sales of the magazine with his cover. This also made the maiden issue of nylon its banner. Finally, the company also actively works with Chinese universities and independent designers to create multiple platforms to provide more and better choice for young people.


For the future of Nylon, I am both worried and expected. The expectation is that I hope this new magazine will promote the development of the Chinese magazine industry. The worry is whether it will gradually disappear or not. I expect that Nylon as a platform, would hold the banner of freedom all the time, focus on the concerns of the younger generation, participate in their imagination to the future, spread the voice of the young to more people, and convinces the prints professionals that the magazine industry will still have a promising future.